Lunkad Investments presents to its investors, optimum value and high returns on low investment costs: leading to maximum profits in the shortest amount of time.

With promising properties in Pune, our property investments become lucrative over time, as they are handpicked in guaranteed profitable emerging markets. Lunkad Investments seeks to develop and deliver exceptional real estate properties, while making the buying of prime real estate assets faster, better, and easier.


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150 Freeway, Charoli:

Your Ticket to the Greatest Appreciation!

A prime residential project sprawling a lush 16 acres,
150 Freeway in Charoli is an excellent investment opportunity.

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High Appreciation

High appreciation is the crux of any investment, and our investments are guaranteed for high returns.

Low Cost

Investment in emerging markets promises you low investment costs leading to maximum profit.

Risk Free

Our investment opportunities promise appreciation with security and transparency.